Monday, 24 November 2008

Hello Everyone!

hope ur all getting excited bout Wednesday. Just a wee note to say, can everyone try and make it tomorrow at 9.30am to the vault? We need as many hands as possible to help clear up.
Also if everyone could bring some or all of the following thatd be super too,
Extension cables, flood lights(?), bin bags, hammers, drills, nails etc, sweeping brushes, dust pans, cleaning stuff(?) and anything else you think may be useful.

Also if you hadn't heard already there is a van leaving college at 2pm to take down heavy/awkward pieces, so if anyone who needs it could have there stuff ready outside college thatd be great.
oh and if anyone has flyers left we should fling them around college, in peoples spaces etc..
Thinks thats all just now, see ya tomorrow x

Thursday, 20 November 2008


Wednesday, 19 November 2008


Hi guys,

Right, I'm gonna do the labels so could everyone email me with their name as they want it read and the title of their work, if untitled, say so. Think most people will be doing mixed media work so we've decided to leave medium out and I presume all the work is 2008?!
General consensus is to keep them pretty simple and legible, but do get in touch if you've got any wild ideas for them.

My email is and if you could give me this info by friday eve so I can have them all sorted for tuesday that'd be great.

some flyers out... (nearly!)

Ok, I took a chunk of flyers to take around some galleries today, didn't make it but I'll do it tomorrow afternoon if no one else already has? was thinking I could get them to talbot rice, fruitmarket and collective... has anyone put any in the Forest yet? I'll take some to the Bowery and around some shops too (sorry for the boring list, just thought it'd save anyone else making a trip out and finding there's already some there)

Also, I've arranged to take a group of Intermedia second years down to the space on the thursday morning (10 30 ish) for a look at the show.

cheers, tom

P.S. seems to be a lot of interest in the show... not least cos the flyers and posters look really great!



The flyers have arrived! If you want to help posting them about, they are sitting in a box on a cabinet in my space, feel free to come and collect them.

Also Charlie Stiven (painting tutor) is going to take a group of students from 2nd /3rd yr painting around the exhibition at 3.30pm on Thursday. If you are not busy then, it would be good to have as many of us as possible in the exhibition to chat about work etc. 

 Do you think we should make up a timetable of sorts for invidulating exhib?  



If I haven't got it already ...I NEED YOUR MONEY!!!!

Monday, 17 November 2008


i guys...

I am currently putting together a kind of handout/leaflet which can be given out to people at the exhibition.  
 I need you a few bits and pieces from all of you so that I can make it happen..
I'm looking for  - contact details (email, website, phone number).
                      - one image which to represent you or your work. 
                      - optional short statement about work or piece in the exhibtion. 

If you could get this to me tomorrow (18th Nov) by midnight that would be great... any queries please don't hesitate to email me ...


Friday, 14 November 2008


if you haven't paid me yet, please do soon! Have very little spare money after paying for the space and we really need to get flyers and posters printed asap! currently repro have our flyers..need £55 by this afternoon so  we can get them!

Thursday, 13 November 2008

!Floorplan Alteration!

New floorplan minus that wall.
Ok so I have paid for the space, We will get the keys a few days before the 25th so we can get there bright and early to set up.
It's looking pretty good now, a slabbed floor in the back vault, a lot less sand and more exposed stone work in the flat. Also the ceiling is less dangerous than it was!
However the room at the left hand side of the flat is now gone as he has taken down the wall..hope this won't bother people too much. There are more lights and plug sockets too!
Norrie also mentioned that he will try and get the bathroom finished in time, so fingers crossed it will go ahead.
Oh and he doesn't have a problem with us drilling in to the stone work.
Right think thats all the improvements I can think of, getting quite excited about it now!

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Hello hello,
I am heading down to pay Norrie for the space tomorrow, If anyone who hasn't seen the space yet wants to come along with me, just let me know (07912020587). Should be going early afternoon.
Also we have a floor (slabs) in the vault now! and plug sockets apparently...
I'll let you all know how its looking tomorrow.

Latest Floorplan

After tuesday's meeting, this is how the floorplan is looking...
If you haven't contacted me yet about your whereabouts, could you please do so asap! Merci.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008


cheers for coming along to the meeting. Can everyone try and get their money (£10)to me asap. I should be in my studio most of the week...or not too far away from it. I'm in E1, the studio at the end of the north corridor (the one with all the painting offices on it) across from wardrobe next to room 3.
Hello everyone!

Just a message to say that we are having a meeting about the exhibition today, Tuesday 11th November, at 4pm in the canteen. It would be great if you could also bring £10 to contribute to finance for rent, publicity, etc. Sorry for the late notice, hope you can make it!


Monday, 10 November 2008

word up homies, sorry missed the meeting, i had a very dirty fish to clean. if no-one else wants to be in the flat then i'm cool with being in there, other-wise i'd quite like the vault at the far away end, when's the next meeting at?

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

hey guys im so sorry i completly forgot about the meeting the other day but i know im gonna put in a slide projector, so ill need a wall and a space ofr the projector, i would be preferably be on the end wall of one of the vaults but it looks like its been taken so any wall will do. hope thats ok, sorry im late again! kate

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Floorplan Update

Just a note to say that the floor plan has been updated since monday... Adria now has a provisional spot, and Ursula, I've moved you up a bit- hope that's where you meant? Just click on the image below to see how it's looking....

Monday, 3 November 2008


Hello All,

Just a wee reminder that we are meeting again today at 4pm in the canteen.
See you later