Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Cuboard space off kitchen-couldbe good for installation...
entry to end vault...
the bathroom...

vault corridor...
Room to left of kitchen...


Im having trouble uploading pictures on here in large numbers but there is loads on the "Vault Exhibition" facebook group...hope that helps anybody who needs a reminder


Hi Guys,
I have told my mate who is the editor of the Journal and the Student about the exhibition, and he's gonna get back to me hopefully later today about putting in an advert and doing a follow up review. So i'll keep you posted.


hi everyone-

If you need your memory jogged, forgot your camera or couldnt make the site visit ive uploaded pictures to the facebook group...
I'll also add some here in a bit...


Monday, 27 October 2008

Hello there!

Sheena and I are just trying to email newspapers and other publications about the exhibition. We were wondering if anyone had any press contacts. If so it would be great if you could get in touch with them as soon as possible. I have written this synopsis as a starting point if you want to include it:

‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ invites the viewer to enter into the cavernous underground of Edinburgh’s Old Town for a unique exhibition by graduating students from the ECA. Presenting mixed media work the show dwells temporarily within a lost, subterranean space, inhabiting abandoned rooms and dark chambers. 

Also if anyone wishes to edit this or add anything feel free!


Floor Plan

Hello to you all,
I've got the floor plan done and dusted, but blogger doesnae like the pdf format, so looks like I can't post it up here... however I'll get it e-mailed out to one and all in a second. N.B Allegedly the plan's to scale, however due to hostile conditions measurements are extremely approximate!
..so.. summary of todays meeting..
...Im not the organiser of this exhibition but we agreed that someone needs to have the job of informing people and organising meetings.. so I said i'd do it!
...This is a group thing, we're all in charge so it's realy important that we share out jobs and everyone's clear on what their individual role or responsibility is within that. We'll only get out of this what we put in, so if something needs doing we need to just get it done! its an interesting space and we can make this a realy good show.

We decided to call the exhibition "Keep Calm and Carry On"..
Here's the list of tasks that we organised..

Flyer and poster design and printing- Ursula and Sarah
Publicity- Cara, Rachel, Sheena
Catalogue- Diane
Finance- Jenny
Documentation- Erika
Name tags and final presentation- Mary
Transport of work- Alex and Liam
Sign- Liam
Secretary?- Sheena

Some of these roles may need more people to help so if you don't have a job yet or you have an idea of something that needs doing, please put yourself forward, even if it's just something small.

Hopefully flyers will be printed by or before next week so if everyone can collect some from ursula or sarah that would be great..

We get the space on the 25th November, we'll have this day and the morning of the next day to install and set up. This isn't a lot of time as we'll have to clean, transport work and set up lighting...
... Lighting is something we realy need to sort out.. we need a couple of people to take charge of this. If anyone knows where we can get hold of good lighting.. how to install it.. or knows anyone who can help us with this then post it on the blog. As we saw the lighting will be realy important in terms of presentation, safety and making the most out of the space.

.. We decided to meet again on Monday 3rd at 4pm in the canteen.. can everyone have a proposal ready of what they want to do.. obviously this won't be set in stone but a drawing and some rough dimensions will make things easier.

...I think that Lindsay will be drawing a plan of the space with measurements and dimensions so hopefully this will be up on the blog soon or handed out at the next meeting. We can then start making a rough plan of where people will go..

think that's all for now.. see you Monday..


Hey everyone! Welcome to our blog for KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON.